Crazy Search Terms

“You can check my stats/And rollin’ a Fleetwood – Thats how I mack”

-Kid Rock

Just like the greatest artist in the history of country-rap (with several appologies to Cowboy Troy), I like to check the hit stats of F versus F from time to time. We’ve been doing very well for a young blog, and we thank you.

The stats page is pretty cool. Loaded with data and colorfull graphs, it’s a real treat.

The most entertain part by far is the “Search Engine Terms” section. Somehow, is able to record what people typed into Google (or whatever) to reach our page. For example, let’s say someone visited Google and typed in “New Jersey smell” into the search box. When the results come back, ‘F versus F’ pops up. That user clicks on the link to visit our page. The phrase”New Jersey smell” would then show up on the Search Engine Terms section of our stat page.

The reason this is so awesome is reading some of the weird stuff people are searching for. Sometimes, the fact that we even showed up on some of these searches kinda blows my mind. And some people clearly don’t know how to use the internet judging by some of the odd ways they worded their searches.

So, without further ado, I give you Crazy Search Terms:

  • super thin hilary duff
  • vanilla ice facts
  • marmoset baby
  • yo la tengo ugly
  • David Cassidy now at this age
  • hilary duff ass
  • f men hot
  • soccer in underwear
  • topless chick in boxer shorts
  • zombie marmosets
  • old men wearing shorts
  • briefs + underwear + christianity
  • women who like going commando
  • why is jersey smell
  • i want back childhood
  • foods satan eat
  • boxers balls moving briefs
  • tuba video game theme music
  • boxer briefs bad for your balls
  • boob pumps torrent

Yeah, they are crazy. But not as crazy as these plates:


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