NFL Draft Wager

April 27, 2007

Flinchbot Says: FlavaDave and I have a wager as to who can guess the most top 10 players in tomorrow’s NFL draft. You get 5 points for the right player going to the right team. You get 3 points for the player being taken in the top 10 by a different team. You get 1 point for guessing the right position that a team drafted even if you missed the correct player.

You get 2 bonus points for correctly guessing a trade but get a minus 1 for missing on a trade. The mere mention of a trade counts as a trade guess. If a predicted trade doesn’t happen, the pick reverts to the original team. However, there will be a -1 penalty applied to each team’s pick for missing on the trade. So if we say Oakland makes a trade with Houston and it doesn’t happen, there is an immediate “-1” applied to whatever the Houston and Oakland picks are. If you still end up getting the pick right, you still get the full +5 even if the trade didn’t go through. However, +5 for the right player loses a point for missing the trade, so you get +4 for picking the right player if a trade doesn’t go through.

For Example, if I say Oakland drafts Rudy Sklan (TE-Ohio) and we both have him listed as our first round pick, we both get 5 points. If I say Rudy Sklan gets drafted second by Detroit but he really got drafted #1 by Oakland, then I get 3 points because the dude got drafted in the top 10. If I say that Oakland should draft Cody Boyd (TE-Washington) but Oakland drafts Rudy Sklan instead, I get 1 point for getting the position right even though I got the wrong player.

He with the most points wins 1 shot of Jaegermeister at a local watering hole.

Here is my Top 10: (22 point)

Oaktown – Jamarcus Russel (QB) +5

Detroit – Trade to Tampa Bay who selects Calvin Johnson (WR) +4

Cleveland – Joe Thomas (OT) +5

Tampa Bay – Detroit Selects Gaines Adams (DE) +4

Arizona – Levi Brown (OT) +5

Washington – Jamaal Anderson (DE) +0

Minnesota – Brady Quinn (QB) +0

Atlanta – Amobi Okoye (DT) +0

Miami – Probably trades down to someone for Adrian Peterson (RB) -1

Houston – Laron Landry (S) +0

FlavaDave Says: (19 Points)

Oakland – Russell + 5

Tampa via 8-mile – Johnson + 4

Cleveland – Quinn +0

Deeeeeetroit – Adams +4

Cards – Thomas +1

Skins – Okoye +0

The Nordics – Peterson +5

Hotlanta – Landry +0

Laces out – Brown +0

Everything’s Bigger in Texas (Including the Sucking) – Revis +0

FlavaDave Says: Well, I made my own bed here. But I intentionally went against the grain after seeing your picks. This seems to have been a terrible strategy thus far.

Flinchbot Says: Where would you have deviated from my picks had you not gone for “gamesmanship” and instead went with best-guess?




FlavaDave Says: Doesn’t matter.  I made my chocies, and I stand by them.  Next year, we should submit them blind.