Team Pam or Team Karen?

FlavaDave Says: Imagine that you are Jim Halpert. You are reasonably handsome and have a knack for pulling clever practical jokes and making unassuming reaction shots to nearby cameras. Two lovely women are vying for you affection:



Kinda mousy, but in a really cute way. Is always up for mischief. Desperately wants to be an artist but isn’t very good at it. Can plan a party at the drop of a hat.

In this corner:




Karen is a more conventional beauty. She’s a hard worker who still has time for the occasional game of ‘Call of Duty 2’. She is as fun as Pam without the insecurities. Oh yeah, and she also has the good sense to actually admit having feeling for you, and is rewarded with the honor of being your girlfriend.


So, Jim Halpert, who do you choose? I’m going with Karen.

FlinchJim Says: You can keep that jealous woman, FlavaJim. So she lives a few blocks away and I’m a little uncomfortable with that. Is that really wrong? We aren’t engaged, we’re in the “having fun” dating stage and at this moment, I don’t really need her moving in with me.

Is she hot? Yes.

Is she Italian? Yes.

And is there anything better than a hot Italian? Making fun of Dwight. But right after that, hot Italian chicks. And I got me one.

But really, Pam’s the one for me. She’s just gets me. I don’t have to explain myself to her. It’s like she’s my fairer sex alter-self. It’s weird. I know.

Almost as weird as Dwight and Angela. Is there something going on there? Creeps me out just thinking about it.

Plus, what’s up with Kelly? Can we keep the sugar and caffeine away from her?

Sorry. I’m back. Pam. Yup. I was all set to make her mine but damn. I screwed that one up, huh?

FlavaJim Says: I can sum this up very succinctly: A woman in the hand is worth a secretary in the bush.

Pam knows how I feel.  I had the balls to show my cards on the eve of Pam’s wedding, possibly ruining her life and our friendship.  But I risked it all because I’m a man who knows what I want.

Karen is a woman who knows what she wants.  She is smart, beautiful, and………

(Okay, I’m going to stop speaking in the first person because it is creeping me out).

I would going with the woman who is actually ready to be in a relationship.  Maybe Jim loves Pam more, but he shouldn’t pursue it.  He made his move.

And until Pam is ready to make her move, a relationship with her would be pointless.

So Jim should be happy with Pam.  If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you are with.

2 Responses to Team Pam or Team Karen?

  1. The Baron says:

    Pam rocks both your faces. That’s really all I have to contribute (well that’s not true, some would say the majority of the contribution I’m making is to the longevity of this blog by confirming that you are not on this big wide internet alone, thereby reinforcing the chances of more posts in the near future).

  2. Steve Speaks The Truth says:

    So this is Monica vs. Rachael for a new decade, I suppose…

    From a character study perspective – Halpert obviously likes being the wittiest guy in the room. I’m thinking he’s the type that puts himself in situations where he can claim that title without much effort. In high school he was probably the underachiever who could’ve been on college prep, but chose to stay in general classes because he could be the alpha. He probably went to the small state school (think BSU or ISU rather than IU or Purdue) to ply his trade again. And, when it came time to enter the workforce, he selected the small company over the big opportunity.

    That said, Halpert is obviously always going to pick Pam. While she can match him from a wit perspective, she obviously aims low – lower than him – and would consider Jim the catch or her life if she landed him. Karen, on the other hand, has the wit to match Jim as well as a more driven ambition. She’s the kind of person that can make Jim feel like #2 in a lot of ways. Halpert is obviously biding time to trade down. Pam wins on this front.

    From a personal perspective – Pam is cute. Karen is hot. I hear she gets her exotic looks from her G.I. father. Plus she comes off as the kind of woman who will tell you exactly where she wants to go when you’re going out to eat. Pam is more of the “I don’t care, what do you want?” type. Karen would also look much better in reverse cowgirl. Karen gets my vote.

    Obviously I do fewer character studies on myself than I do on random sitcom characters.

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