The Sunday Stroll

FlavaDave Says: I have autonomously decided to add a new feature called “The Sunday Stroll” (suggestions for a better name are more than welcome). To keep the atmosphere light around here, we will have a 100% tongue-in-check discussion about something silly (as opposed to the normal, 65% tongue-in-check argument). And even though this is just for laughs, as always I fully expect to win.

Okay, for the inaugural edition, let’s consider the following video:

Pretty sweet, huh? Imagine that this was real, video game graphics and sounds effects included. Would “Super Sumo Wrestling” be the greatest sport on earth?

Flinchbot Says: That video would be the best if you could have Super Sumo take on this dude named Downey who has powers in his left hand that we can not understand:

FlavaDave Says: Agreed. Also, I would pay to watch Jeff Saturday compete in this league.


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